Customs Agency

 Within our capital group, HETON Polska sp. z o.o. provides services related to customs clearance.

The scope of our services includes

  • Representing domestic and foreign businesses engaged in international trade before the Customs Office in Poland,
  • Customs clearance for import, export, and transit procedures,
  • Customs clearance for import procedures utilizing Article 33a of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, allowing for the settlement of VAT on imported goods from third countries in the tax declaration,
  • Handling transit and export procedures for goods transshipment, such as container-truck or truck-container transfers,
  • Issuing certificates of origin and EUR.1 transport certificates,

  • Issuing the document confirming the Union Customs Status of goods (T2L) related to transportation from one part of the European Union customs territory to another part through a third-country territory or sea area,
  • Representing businesses before control inspections conducted by authorities such as WIJHARS, WIORIN, GPKW, SANEPID, etc.,
  • Reporting goods in the TRACES system (including wooden packaging),
  • Collecting samples of goods,
  • Notifying goods for inspection to accredited inspection companies (Shipcontrol, SGS, Polcargo, J.S. Hamilton, etc.),
  • Preparing on behalf of the importer/exporter any letters, applications, appeals to the Customs Office, etc.,
  • Logistic services at BCT and GCT terminals in Gdynia and Baltic Hub (DCT) in Gdańsk.